"Indestructible" Virus Found in the Wild

5:47 AM

Security researchers at Kapersky Labs have discovered botnet software that uses a range of techniques to remain undetected, making it "practically indestructible".

Computers infected by the software, called TDL-4, fall under control of the botnet's criminal owners and can be used to pump out spam or commit other online attacks. Communication with the botnet's command and control servers takes place over a public peer-to-peer file-sharing network and is protected by a custom encryption algorithm, making it very hard to track down the botmasters in charge and shut them down.




This is kind of scary stuff. I want to say I'm safe on Linux but the article doesn't even say what operating systems are being targeted or how they're being targeted. I guess that's even more reason to watch what you do online... no matter what OS you are running...


It's almost like the technological version of the boogie man.



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