Fedora 15 Configuration Series: Gnome Tweak Tool

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The following article is part of a series I'm writing on the various configuration tools available in Fedora 15. Look at the bottom of this article for links to the rest of the series. 


Gnome Tweak Tool is perhaps the most vital configuration utility you can find available for Fedora 15. With Gnome 3 Shell's lack of configuration utilities, Gnome Tweak Tool strives to fill in the gaps by providing users with some much missed configuration options that were available in Gnome 2.6.


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On the Gnome Tweak Tool File Manager menu you get the option of having the file manager handle the desktop. If you've been missing having icons on the desktop this is just the configuration option for you. You can also place a Computer icon, a Home icon, a Network Servers icon, and/or a Trash icon on the desktop using this menu.


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The Gnome Tweak Tool Fonts menu allows you to make changes to the system fonts used, as well as adjust the hinting and anti-aliasing.


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The Gnome Tweak Tool Interface menu allows you to add icons to menus and buttons. It also allows you to change your GTK+ theme (there's an extension that does this as well but I find this to be more tidy). From here you can also change your icon theme and cursor theme.


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The Gnome Tweak Tool Shell menu allows you to further fine tune your Gnome Shell theming. You can change whether or not to show the date on the clock or whether to show the week date in the calendar. You can also change the shell theme. Perhaps most importantly though you can choose what a laptop does when the lid is closed on battery or AC, a very important feature that is unfortunately missing in Gnome 3's power settings.


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The Gnome Tweak Tool Shell Extensions menu is one feature I find I really cannot live without. From here you can turn extensions on or off. You can also use this menu to install new extension files.


xjonquilx | Mepis, Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux, Oh My!


Another really useful menu in Gnome Tweak Tool is the Windows menu. From here you can change the windows theming, especially useful if you do not like the Adwaita window theming that comes with Gnome 3 Shell by default. Additionally you can change what happens when you double click or middle click on the title bar. Finally you can also change what you do to bring windows in to focus.




Gnome Tweak Tool is by far the most useful Fedora 15 configuration utility. Without Gnome 3 Shell would be pretty bland and uncustomizable. Kudos go out to the developer of this configuration utility; they really met a huge need in the development of Gnome 3 Shell. I can only hope that the developers of Gnome 3 Shell will adopt some of the customization utilities used in Gnome Tweak Tool soon so everyone can experience the customizability that can be found in Gnome 3 Shell without having to download a configuration utility to do it. Even if they do not adopt these customization utilities, I will continue to go to Gnome Tweak Tool for all my Gnome 3 Shell customization needs.


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