How to Become Sudoer (Administrator) in Fedora 15

8:32 AM

While Fedora 15 makes it easy to make one's self a sudoer (administrator) by checking off a box during the installation process, sometimes this opportunity may be missed or forgotten about. I found myself in this funny position today when I realized during an attempt to use sudo that I hadn't checked off the administrator box for my Fedora 15 re-installation. Never to fear, though – it's quite easy to add yourself as a sudoer (administrator) via the Terminal.


First, log in as root and type in your root password:




Then issue the following command:

gedit /etc/sudoers


This will open a text file. Somewhere in the text file type in the following:

your_username   ALL=(ALL)  ALL


Now all you have to do is save the file and exit. You are now a sudoer (administrator) and can use sudo freely.


xjonquilx | Mepis, Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux, Oh My!

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