What to Do When Your Android Phone Won't Sync With Banshee

3:03 PM

Today I ran in to the problem of getting my Android phone to sync with Banshee in Fedora 15. No matter what I did, my Android phone wouldn't show in Banshee's devices list. I fixed it (yay!) and now here's some tips on what to do if your Android phone won't sync with Banshee.


1. Make sure Banshee has the USB support plugin turned on. Go to Edit > Preferences > Extensions and browse down to "Device Support". Make sure there's a check mark next to "Mass Storage Media Player Support".

2. Restart your computer without the Android phone plugged in to the USB port.

3. Once your computer is restarted, plug the Android phone in to the USB port. Make sure you select "Turn USB Support On" (or something like that) on your Android phone.

4. Make sure your Android phone shows in Nautilus' device list.

5. Open up Banshee and check to see if your Android phone appears in the device list.

6. If it still does not appear in Banshee's device list, close out of Banshee and then right click on the Android phone's micro SD card in Nautilus. Next, left click on "Format". Format it as FAT. Warning: This WILL destroy all your pictures, music, and video files on the Android phone so make sure you have them backed up first.

7. Reopen Banshee. Your Android phone should show up in Banshee's device list now.


If after following these steps you still have problems getting Banshee to recognize your Android phone, try posting in the Android forums or the Banshee forums (I would try both).


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  1. This isn't a very good solution. Formatting the SD card and putting your data back on it is time consuming and will unnecessarily reduce the life of your SD card.

    A much better solution (although it takes longer) would be file a bug report with the Banshee developers else the problem will not be fixed. You could try if you're brave to figure out what is wrong yourself.

    Well done on finding a workaround though. It would probably help the banshee developers.

  2. The card was out of a Blackberry phone. I can only assume that because the card was named "BLACKBERRY" it was confusing Banshee.