10 Things I Have Learned as a Linux Blogger

6:50 PM

These are ten things I have learned as a Linux blogger. I hope they help strengthen and encourage someone out there.

  1. Every hit counts. Every. single. one.

  2.  Take even the worst criticism constructively, and don't give in. Use it to make yourself better at what you do. If there's nothing constructive about it, ignore it.

  3.  Play nicely at all times if you want others to play nicely with you at all times.

  4. They won't; ignore this.

  5. Don't hold back from writing about the things you are passionate about. Even if it may be a little off topic, someone will enjoy the change of pace.

  6. Forget about the "web standards" enthusiasts, go with a design you like. It's your blog after all.

  7. Advertise like crazy and show pride in your work. You deserve it!

  8. Google page rank ultimately means nothing. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. It's a rat race with a trap at the end. This should ultimately be something you do for yourself, not something that you do merely for attention.

  9. Microblogging/Aggregating services are a blogger's best friend.

  10. Expect a lot of rejection. Expect a lot of praise, too.

xjonquilx | Mepis, Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux, Oh My!

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  1. i agree with all points, but i am not sure about the advertising one.
    i think the more you advertise the more humble you should be about it. but then i am coming from a culture where pride has a distinctly negative connotation...

    greetings, eMBee.

  2. You are so right, and of course if you need ad revenues thats one way to do it. Although you do open the door to some criticism over money, you have gone beyond with the quality of content. Well done.

  3. Get used to the criticism. The Linux community is the most hateful flame war happy group of people I have had the misfortune of running across. If you write about anything there will usually be at least 10 people on your case about something. And it will probably be something really minute. Still, I love the Linux operating itself. But not the people you deal with when using it.

  4. Anon is right about penguin groupies... I've never seen so many people involved in gang-bang-hate-attacks. Honestly. Its really bad on the ubuntu forums. Noobs get beat up left and right. That's not nice. Its sad when you read noobs prefacing their questions with humble and abject apologies for a few paragraphs BEFORE they even ask their questions. That's a really sad state right there... and what does it say about our community...??? Makes us all look like a bunch of self righteous egotists... honest... :(

  5. I agree. The community needs to come up with a way to be more welcoming to newbies. Perhaps a newbie only Linux forum is in order... ???

  6. As a Linux Blogger since 2004 and Linux user since 1995, I feel I've been around the block so to speak and since I have that experience I put out a guide for new Linux users. You can check it out here: http://linux-blog.org/A-New-User-Guide-to-Linux-Communities/

    I'd like to think it helps users out...I know my friend Ken Starks aka Helios of linuxlock.blogspot.com really likes using this as part of his introduction for new users (which he gets all the time since he installs Linux on PC's for a living).

    Hope this helps someone!

  7. That's a darn good idea. A place where noobs can go to ask questions and not be afraid to ask. How to start something like that, though? The only ones who get beat up more than noobs are us girl geeks...!!! lol You know, sometimes I have dumb-bunny questions myself, because no two people use Linux the same way, and sometimes the obvious eludes me because I tend to be more techie about things, but I am good at figuring stuff out because I have no fear. There are others users who just aren't like that... they need help finding the small things. No one should make them feel stupid, and no one should belittle them because they have been BRAVE ENOUGH to take the first step AWAY from Windows. No wonder so many converts go back to Windows - our community chases them away...!!!

  8. I have the ability to start a forum here, but I have no idea how I would drive newbie traffic to it.

  9. We would also need some seasoned vets to help the newbies out without hurting them. I can help some but I'm no vet.

  10. I get more posts complaining about my blog's color scheme than the content.

  11. Guess what, there are assholes all over the world regardless of what software they use!! Go visit "Windows centric" sites like Neowin and tell me if you don't run into hundreds of the type that you colourfully describe! Learn to tell them to go to Hell rather than getting yourself all worked up over it!!

  12. nice article jonquil, now the trend is "make your blog as attractive as possible, fresh, and *not* gloomy" so there people not afraid of learning linux.
    I have ubuntu blog community in ubuntubuzz.com, some of your advice giving us idea..