It's No Joke: There's an RSS Feed Handler in Google Chrome, Too

5:36 AM

Someone commented on the article about Google Chrome's FTP client that they almost thought it was a joke because there was no RSS feed handler in Google Chrome.


Well if that article was a joke this one must be, too.


Welcome to Google Chrome's RSS feed handler.


xjonquilx | Mepis, Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux, Oh My!


Notice that little icon with a circle around it? Whenever there's an RSS feed available on the webpage you're visiting, it shows that. If you click on it you're given a choice between different RSS readers, and you can save your choice so it don't ask you again (which is why there's no screenshot of that dialogue). For the sake of this article, we're going to go with Google Reader, which is what I use.


xjonquilx | Mepis, Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux, Oh My!


After clicking on the icon, Google Reader asks me if I would like to subscribe. I click "yes" and this is what I get:


xjonquilx | Mepis, Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux, Oh My!


Hey, look, there's my RSS feed! :)


I hope this article has proved enlightening for you. Let me know if there are any other functions you miss in Google Chrome and I will do my best to find them for you.


xjonquilx | Mepis, Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux, Oh My!

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  1. Sweet! What version did they add this? I am running Chromium13 and there is still no built-in feed handler (only a plugin that won't work with liferea).

  2. It's not built in, it's an extension -- so it's technically not *there* but you can add it. The extension has been around for quite some time, and I believe it was offered up by Google as an example extension in the Chromium source code at one point.

  3. I have (and like very much) Slick RSS (chrome-extension://ealjoljnibpdkocmldliaoojpgdkcdob/viewer.html) reader.
    I had the same icon right after I installed Slick RSS.
    After installation of this extension (RSS feed handler), nothing changed. I was not offered a list, but my subscription went directly to Slick RSS. Even though Options have checkbox "Always use my default reader when subscribing to feeds." blank.
    Sorry, this was just waste of time for me... 8-)