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The Document Foundation proudly announced a few days ago, at the LibreOffice Conference 2011 event in Paris, that LibreOffice will be ported to the iOS and Android operating systems.

As LibreOffice is an open source project, it can be easily ported to other operating systems were Java is supported, such as Android and Apple's iOS, making LibreOffice on iPads and Android tables.

The Document Foundation announced that a web-based demo, called LibreOffice Online Prototype, will also be available soon. It is based on HTML5′s canvas and the GTK+ framework.

The first public releases of LibreOffice for Web, iOS and Android will be available sometimes in late 2012 or early 2013. Until then, you can watch the demo video from the beginning of the article.

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This will be a very welcome addition to the Android Market, where currently the only office suites/document editors available are commercial, such as Documents To Go and QuickOffice. I just wish it was going to be available sooner as such an app would prove to be very useful in my career, which often involves receiving press release documents and reporting on them.


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