Linux News: Titanium Backup Pro Makes Moving Apps a Snap

10:43 AM

Anyone who's gone through the painful task of buying a new smartphone knows that the process of re-installing apps and getting the phone configured just-so is a major job, often taking hours.

While the Android Market does keep a list of your apps in its library, automatic syncing is hit-or-miss, in my experience. You can manually send each app to the new device with a desktop Web browser, but that's time-consuming. There are also peculiar geo restrictions and inexplicable permissions issues that allow an app to be installed on one device but not another.

One way around all this, if you're rooted, is Titanium Backup Pro, which lets you back up from the original device to a card and then restore onto the new device.

via Linux News: Reviews: Titanium Backup Pro Makes Moving Apps a Snap.


Should I ever change smart phones I will keep this app in mind.


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