[Phoronix] The VirtualBox Kernel Driver Is Tainted Crap

11:17 AM

Linux kernel developers have marked Oracle's VirtualBox Linux kernel driver as "tainted crap" due to the overwhelming number of problems this module has caused.

When the "vboxdrv" driver for the Linux kernel is loaded, after a patch by Red Hat's Dave Jones, it will mark the kernel as tainted crap. Even though this VirtualBox driver is open-source (it's under the GPL), the quality of the driver is quite poor and continues to cause issues for many users. In particular, kernel developers have become frustrated that this virtualization driver is causing random memory corruption. Specifically cited is "corrupt linked lists, corrupt page tables, and just plain 'weird' crashes."

via [Phoronix] The VirtualBox Kernel Driver Is Tainted Crap.


Yeah, I'm going to have to agree on this one. In Fedora 15 I had to drop down in to the 2.6 kernel in order to use Virtualbox because PackageKit complained the new driver needed the newer kernel.... which I already had. In Fedora 16 Virtualbox is completely unusable because the driver has missing dependencies in RPM Fusion. Yup, Virtualbox has definitely seen better days. Let's hope that those better days are soon to return.


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