Sabayon Linux Definitely Has a Personality All to Its Own

12:47 PM

Well it's my third day on Sabayon Linux and I must say it definitely has a personality of its own. From its snappy performance to its unusual bugs it has left a huge impression on me. It's also had me going through wikis and forums more than any distribution I have ever encountered on the "easy" side of the Linux distribution fence.

Portage is extremely complicated. So complicated I can hardly see myself using it on a regular basis. Right now there is one ebuild I want to install that is driving me bat crazy trying to install it, even with help from the Sabayon Linux forums. I'm afraid I will never get GPaste back on my system and will have to settle for Parcellite, which is ok but I miss GPaste!

Sabayon Linux has confirmed a Gnome bug for me. I suspected the bug originated with Gnome itself and not Fedora, but seeing that same bug in Sabayon Linux has proved it for me. This is what I have nicknamed the Activities search bug. If any Gnome Shell theme is installed other than Adawaita and you do a search in Activities, Gnome Shell freezes after the first letter is typed. For a while I stubbornly stuck to my Zukitwo theme, but now I've settled for Adawaita just for the sake of being able to search the Activities menu.

Now here's the real tripper of a bug. When I log in, my wireless connection doesn't start automatically. First it asks for my keyring password, then it asks for my administrator password, then it asks for the network password. Every single time, even though it's set to connect automatically.

The most annoying bug, also a bug that I experienced in Fedora 16, is the lack of a battery status indicator on my netbook. This has led to me leaving it plugged in all the time because I can't possibly know when my battery is running low. I assume this is a problem in Gnome and not distribution specific as so far every distribution with Gnome 3.2 has a bug filed on it.

I'm a real trooper through all of this though. I'm determined to make Sabayon Linux work for me. Why? Because despite the bugs, two of which I can't get away from anyways unless I downgrade or change desktop environments, this operating system is quite simply awesome. It's fast, it has all the major software I normally find myself installing manually, the forums are helpful and don't treat me like I'm an idiot, the wiki is complete and well organized, and it was the first Live USB distribution I used in which I could do all my blog editing without downloading additional software (like Gimp).

Don't worry Bodhi fans - I still have Bodhi installed on my desktop. But Gnome 3.2 is just more practical for the small screen of my netbook (and I hate the Bodhi netbook setup so don't even mention it - it's more for tablets than it is netbooks).


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  1. Try Pinguy Os, and you'll see the easy linux on this day.

  2. Hmmm...while I totally agree that the tablet/netbook profile is definitely much more tablet than netbook, I can't imagine using Gnome on my system. Granted, mine isn't a proper netbook, it kind of straddles the fence between netbook and "normal" laptop with its 14" screen, I just love the way I can customize E to take advantage of all my screen real estate.

    Like most screens this size it's very much wider than tall (not sure what that actual ratio is), so I find that I REALLY don't want to give up ANY vertical real estate with taskbars and crap. I guess that Gnome probably lets you put them on the side, it's been a while since I used it.

    Different strokes I guess ... ;-)


  3. I've tried Pinguy, and it's too loaded with software to suite my tastes. I'm also not looking for an easy OS, just an OS that suites my needs. Sabayon does that.

  4. In Gnome you can fix it so when the screen is maximized it takes up the full screen. Check out

  5. If you are using portage in Sabayon, then you are doing it wrong.

    The package manager for Sabayon is equo. It also has a gui called sulfur.

  6. Equo won't install an ebuild for me will it? I was talking about a package that's only available as an ebuild.

    The GUI in 7 is not called Sulfur, either. It's called Entropy Store.

  7. Is the ebuild in the main portage tree? If so just file a package request and they will build it for you and everyone can enjoy that package. Last time I put in a request they had it ready before the end of the day.

  8. Ah, that is a different case then. You could muck about with portage to build the ebuild but it is a bit of a steep learning curve and in the end you don't get a lot of benefits over simply installing from source (Since portage isn't the primary package system, it would be different if this was Gentoo). My recommendation is if you want your program fast install it from source and in the future when you have a low priority program to install you can play with the portage system at your leisure. Best of luck to you, If you need help try the guys on the IRC their very helpful if you approach them in a friendly way.

  9. I have had semi-success with ebuild. It insists I don't have the Vala compiler installed even though I do.

    The IRC channel has been dead every time I go in there.

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