Updated Scripts

1:27 PM

My scripts have now been updated so they will not run unless you are running them as a super user or root. There have been some other adjustments made to make the scripts easier to run. 



These two scripts will backup your repositories and installed software. This is great to use if you have to re-install your Redhat based Linux operating system. The backup script will backup your repositories and a list of installed software, while the restore script will restore your repositories and re-install your software.




This script will install Global Menu in Fedora 15 and above.



This script will remove the title bar when an application is full screened and install the extension for automatically hiding the top panel, thus maximizing your screen real estate when you full screen an application. Meant for use in Fedora 15 and above only.


xjonquilx | Mepis, Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux, Oh My!

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