What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 1]

11:13 AM

Last week the 2011 GNOME User Survey began, which is an independent survey that was devised by members of the GNOME community to collect feedback on their desktop platform. With the GNOME Foundation not interested in hosting the survey, these survey creators came to Phoronix to host the survey. Some of the initial GNOME comments were shared shortly after the survey went live. This survey will be running for one month, but there were already more than 8,000 submissions in the first few days. Here's the first 1,000 comments provided by participants of the GNOME survey.

Due to the plethora of data being collected, the comments provided by these desktop users is going to be put out a chunk at a time, as it's unlikely by the time the survey ends towards late November you'll want to sit down and read what will likely be 10,000+ comments about the GNOME desktop. So to begin in a more manageable way, coming out today are the first thousand comments collected from this 2011 GNOME survey (for anyone that requests it, at the end will also be a PDF with all of the comments). These are just the responses to the "If you could change three things in GNOME, what would they be?" and "Do you have any comments or suggestions for the GNOME team?" questions. Any submission where the response was only a single word (e.g. just saying Scheiße) was ignored from printing. If you haven't already done so, be sure to participate in the 2011 GNOME User Survey.

via [Phoronix] What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 1].


It's pretty cool to read through all the user responses. Don't forget to take the survey yourself!


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