Fedora Wants To Simplify the Linux Filesystem

10:01 AM

Harald Hoyer and Kay Sievers, two Red Hat developers, made an announced their attempt to simplify the Linux filesystem, to clean up the "mess" created when the /bin and /sbin directories were separated.

To the point, the Fedora Project wants to move their libraries into the /usr/lib or /usr/lib64 directories and all executable files into the /usr/bin directory.

For Fedora, making the filesystem simpler means clear separation of operating system and host specific resources and /usr can be easily snapshotted, read-only, and shareable.

For end users, making the filesystem simpler means less toplevel directories.

In conclusion, having all the libraries and binaries on a single mounted volume, makes it simpler to run multiple instances of the operating system on other computers across the network, and ease the use of snapshots.

More details about this movement can be found here.

via Fedora Wants To Simplify the Linux Filesystem - Softpedia.


Meh, I'm undecided on this. In some ways I can see how this would benefit the Fedora community, but would it benefit the Linux community as a whole? Would it make it harder for users of Fedora to compile/install software from sources outside the repositories? What do you think?


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