Got My Laptop Up and Running Again

4:40 PM

It seems I have found my way to Ubuntu Linux once again in my hunt for a distribution that works properly with my newly repaired HP Pavillion DV7-2180US laptop. This time I'm on Ubuntu 11.10 and I must say it impressed me enough to install it on my MSI U100 netbook as well. Whether it will stay there or not we shall see.... I'm still feeling the pull of Sabayon. Ubuntu seems to run slower on it than Sabayon does.

I miss the simplicity of using my software backup and restore shell script to install all the software I like by default. I also miss having an integrated calendar. I have noted the calendar will pull events from Evolution so I will be installing it soon and integrating it with Google's calendar client (so it stays synced with my cell phone). If everything works right the desktop calendar will notify me of events that are stored in Google Calendar.

I have a very strange wireless problem. My wireless internet runs very slowly even though I have full bars on the signal strength indicator. I'm using an Intel PRO 5100 AGN wireless adapter and it's driving me batty trying to come up with a solution. So far I have ended up resorting to installing Windows on VMWare Player so I can try extracting the inf file from the Windows driver installation. If I can get the inf file I can use Ndiswrapper to install it. Wish me luck!

*** Later ***

It didn't work. Still no usable wireless. *sigh*

I thought I was playing it smart by going to the distribution with the largest forums but my question has yet to be answered and I've been waiting patiently all day, occasionally updating it on my latest failed attempt. The Sabayon Linux forums have continued to be as helpful as possible but it's looking like a lost cause.


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