My Top Android Apps

2:31 PM

  1. Advanced Task Killer - This handy Android app can kill background tasks on the fly or on a predefined schedule. A must have if you are using a lower end processor.

  2. Alarm Clock Plus - It isn't just an alarm app capable of running more alarms than you'll probably ever need. It also tells you the time and the weather temperature. Also includes a nice alternate digital clock.

  3. Astro File Manager - It's a basic, handy little file manager app. Great for your Android tool kit.

  4. Z4Root - Capable of temporarily or permanently rooting your phone.

  5. ColorNote - An easy and quick to use note taking Android app that features color coded tabs on notes.

  6. SCVNGR - A fun game based on the places you visit. Each place has challenges, such as checking in and taking a photo of the place you're visiting. As you accrue places, you unlock achievements.

  7. Songbird - In my humble opinion this is the best music playing app for Android out there. It includes scrobbling to, Flickr images, and Facebook Liking.

  8. Voice Recorder - This is just a basic voice recording Android app. It is efficient and picks up voices in a room very well.

  9. Wifi Widget - This handy Android widget turns your Android phone in to a Wifi hotspot with the press of a button on your home screen,

  10. Google Books - With tons of free books available, this is a fantastic app to have on your phone.

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