A Simple Last.FM Scrobbler Solves Skipping Tracks on Android

8:27 AM

There currently is a bug I encountered with the Last.FM Android app in which it causes the current music player to only play the first few seconds of tracks as it skips through them, scrobbling away. This is not only annoying; it renders your music player unusable and results in tracks getting scrobbled that you would not scrobble normally. Fortunately there is a solution to this, found in the Android app A Simple Last.FM Scrobbler. This application serves one purpose and serves it well: adding scrobbling functionality to your favorite music player. It doesn't mess with the playing of tracks and it doesn't scrobble tracks you don't want it to scrobble (assuming of course you do not listen to these tracks all the way through.

The setup is very simple, no pun intended. Just go in to the User Credentials settings and set up your Last.FM account. As soon as you start to play music with your favorite music player it will be added to A Simple Last.FM Scrobbler's list of apps to scrobble. You can double check this by going to Enabled Apps in the Simple Last.FM Scrobbler's settings.

As an added bonus, the Simple Last.FM Scrobbler Android app also supports scrobbling to Libre.FM. I haven't played around with Libre.FM but I plan on checking it out. It claims to be a Last.FM for indie artists.

Here's hoping you had a wonderful holiday!


xjonquilx | Sabayon, Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux, Oh My!

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