The purpose of this blog

7:17 PM

I know I've taken a rather long hiatus from the Linux portion of this blog. It started out as just simply being bored with writing Linux based articles, but later on became more of an issue with moving around a lot and barely having the time and/or resources to take on as much computing as I normally do. I've had a lot going on in my personal life, and little time to focus on hobbies. I still have a lot going on in my personal life, so there will probably be no roaring comeback for a while, but I do plan to try to continue adding informational articles to this blog as the material for such presents itself in my daily living.

There are a few things I would like to point out about myself and my informational articles on this blog:

  • I am not, nor do I claim to be, any kind of Linux or technological guru. I just like to tinker with DIY type activities, like to write, and like to share anything new I find, especially if it involved a lot of difficulty for me, just so that others may have an easier time than I did. 
  • What you may find to be different about my articles vs. others is the quality of the actual writing i.e. grammar, spelling, etc. Instead of being a programmer or other high tech type, a hobbyist, beginner, etc. I am first and foremost a writer both by nature and by trade, which I at least hope ;) comes out in my written content here. While I also have a natural inclination towards problem solving, DIY, technology, etc. I feel it is primarily my writing ability that allows me to offer quality informational content here in a manner that is concise, easy to comprehend, and most importantly, easy to follow. Too often I have found other tutorials, reviews, fixes, etc. to be at least partially compromised by poor authorship. Of course I am not knocking those authors as they themselves provide a valuable resource, but I do feel that I can help the whole by taking information that may be scattered, confusing, typoed, etc. and committing it to a better format that is more easily utilized.
  • I write three different main categories of informational articles here. There are fixes, tutorials/guides, and reviews. My fix articles are usually very quick and to the point, designed to guide the reader through completing a task without too much explanation needed. The focus here is to present a down and dirty, accurate list of actions that will produce the same results no matter how many times that list is re-used. Explanations in these articles are usually only offered if the actions are particularly risky or if the reader cannot easily research the explanations of the actions taken via a search engine. The tutorials/guides are a lot more in depth and aim to educate the reader about a particular topic. This is where you will find as much in depth explaining as is possible without making the article too long, complicated, or redundant to hold one's interest and be retained. The reviews usually try to give the reader a good balanced, rounded idea of what a certain product is like through describing many of its attributes. Through out all my informational articles, I write what I myself would want to read and want to know, which is why they are structured in the way that they are. 
  • The main purpose of this blog is not to provide information about any particular topic. Consider this blog my scratch pad if you will... a place where I can write whatever I want to write when I want to write it and in the way I want to write it. There is everything from journal entries to tech articles to videos to even poetry on this blog. I do categorize it all to make it easier to navigate, so if you don't want to read my journal entries for example, you can easily avoid them by not clicking on that category at the top and choosing a different one instead. 
  • I am not your personal tech support. If there are overall problems with a how to, I'll readily edit it, but if you just happen to have some off the wall issue no one else is having, you're going to have to post in the appropriate help forum about it like everyone else does when they run in to issues. No, I don't mind linking you to a help forum if you have issues finding where to go for help. 
I hope this helps clarify some things about this blog for you. In the future, I will probably be posting an "about" section on here that will point out these factors. For now, I think just a simple post about it should do. :)

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