The Best Android Apps of 2015

3:12 PM

It seems like everyone is releasing a "Best of 2015" list this month, so who am I to stand out from the crowd? ;) This is my list of the best Android apps of 2015, from the perspective of a working single mom:
  1. ZocDoc - Schedule doctor appointments and fill out their new patient registrations on the fly. Get reminded by text the day before your appointment. This app is so awesome for folks that hate scheduling appointments. 
  2. DuoLingo - Learn any language in the world with this app that combines sight with sound to create individualized and thorough lesson plans to help you learn a secondary language of your choice. 
  3. Arcus Weather - This weather app is scarily human and accurate, with weather predictions that read like "will rain in 15 minutes" and "rain will stop in 5 minutes". 
  4. Google Now - I cannot celebrate this voice activated, life helping app enough. It really turns your phone in to your own personal assistant. If you haven't tried it out yet, make 2016 the year you do. You won't regret it!
  5. Google Keep - The best note taking app for crazily disorganized folks that still need to make random notes to keep up the appearance of having their lives together. 
  6. Next SMS (Handcent) - Puts power in your SMS messaging app, with online backup and the ability to use your phone's texting app remotely from anywhere. 
  7. Pixlr - The closest thing to having Adobe Photoshop on your phone. 
  8. Saga - This is a life logging app that I found incredibly useful for keeping track of my hours at work. It is smart enough to make observations about your travels, such as if you ride the bus or  are a foodie. 
  9. Smart Launcher - Still my favorite launcher by far thanks to its unique, simplified, intuitive UI. 
  10. Kids Place - The only parental control app I've found that really locks your kid in to it and doesn't have bugs that lead to locking you out of your phone and requiring a hard reset. VERY flexible timer that can go by individual assignments of time or by a calendar with limits on time of day and the amount of time per day. It also has a safe browser and safe video app you can add on to it so you can keep control over your kids online habits. 

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