The Best Android Launchers of 2015

9:01 PM

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There are probably hundreds of launcher apps in the Google Play Store for Android today. Out of all of these apps, five made their selves worthy of honorable mentions in 2015. From the rock solid and predictable Nova Launcher to the wild and crazy antics of Next 3D Shell, these Android launchers have plenty to offer any kind of preference in launcher behavior. Let's see what 2015 left us in the way of brilliant Android launcher apps...

Action Launcher 3

This will probably always be my favorite Android launcher. With its unique, intuitive, simplified interface and brilliant navigation, there's really nothing not to like about this launcher; except perhaps the absence of an auto task killer like many other launchers have started including.

Next 3D Shell

This is the most expensive launcher on this list, currently at $15 in the Google Play Store. It's easy to see why it's so expensive once you give the trial a go. This is the only fully animated 3D launcher in the Google Play Store, and it looks amazing.

Hola Launcher

This is the most lightweight offering here, at just a little over 1MB. It's also probably the least resource hungry Android launcher listed here. Bundled with an auto task killer, this is the launcher you want to get for sure if you're wanting to maximize your battery life or free up more RAM in idle.

Nova Launcher

This is a really basic, customizable launcher that makes customization simple, quick, and easy without overwhelming the end user with options. It's currently on sale in the Google Play Store for .99, so if you haven't found a launcher that suits your tastes yet, this one definitely won't leave your pockets empty giving the pro version a go.

Buzz Launcher

If you have a taste for the cutting edge, Buzz Launcher is the Android launcher you want to go for. This fully customizable launcher features an intuitive, smart UI that adjusts the apps it displays according to where you're at and when you're there, based on your past trends in app usage. For example, it may give you bus schedules and reminders during the day, then throw up your favorite streaming apps in the evening.

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