Linux Has a Fresh New Live USB Image Writer App That No One Has Noticed

3:59 AM

Rosa Linux Live USB Image Writer App Works For Every Distro

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I don't think that I really need to mention that the state of live USB image writer apps in Linux has been a bit of a mess for a while. Ubuntu has a fantastic live USB image writer, but unfortunately, it only works for Ubuntu-derived distros. For a long time, UNetBootIn was the go-to when you needed to create a live USB image, but recently its performance has been shaky between different distros.

Rosa Linux OS, like many other distros, answered the issue by developing their own live USB image writing app. Unlike other distros, Rosa developed their app to install any CD/DVD image and not just their distro's. The Rosa Live USB Image Writer successfully creates a live USB image from any distro's live CD/DVD, without any headaches. Its simple interface just gives you the option to select the CD/DVD image and the USB drive you want to write the copy to.

Rosa Linux Live USB Image Writer Is Available For Other Distros

What makes Rosa's Live USB Image Writer especially unique though is that Rosa offers a simple tarbelled bin of it on their main website's Download page. This offering makes it possible for any Linux user to burn any Linux Live CD/DVD image to any USB drive.

Download Rosa Linux Live USB Image Writer

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