Calling All Voters: Discern The Truth From Lies

10:43 PM

During Trump's campaign, our country saw a new kind of attack on democracy it had never seen before. This latest attack was born out of social engineering and trolling on social media. How so? Russia attempted to manipulate the election results through manipulating social media. The scary thing about this isn't that they did it, but that it was successful.

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Don't' let trolling and disinformation campaigns on social media invalidate your vote.

With the upcoming election, many social media networks have been working on tackling such tactics in the hope of making them obsolete. While social media networks have made some progress, they haven't been able to eradicate disinformation campaigns. Disinformation campaigns also can come in many forms, and not all of those mediums can be monitored by social media networks without exploiting the user's privacy.

I came across this article today in Pocket. It is a fantastic explanation of the skills involved in professional trolling and how they work, along with providing example stories that really happened. That Uplifting Tweet You Just Shared? A Russian Troll Sent It

I would encourage any voter to read this article to be aware of how these disinformation campaigns work. Don't just believe everything you see on the internet, even if it aligns with your own opinions. Question everything you read online. Don't think a story is right just because it aligns with your own ideas.

This is how healthy skepticism works, and it's a good thing. Without it, we would never know what is true or false.

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