How To Fix Clipboard Not Working In Windows 10 | "Some Settings May Be Managed By Your Organization"

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If you do a search for most common Windows 10 issues, you will likely pull up a ton of articles from 2016-2018 that give advice which doesn't work since Windows 10 has changed a lot since then. Unfortunately, it seems many popular tech support blogs have chosen to keep outdated articles up because of their high search engine rankings, and even curate the comments, so no one has the chance to find out their tutorial doesn't work. 

I ran into this issue recently when my clipboard stopped working. Now I've installed a nonfunctional gpedit snap-on, and I'm lucky that's all that resulted from that. However, I DID find the fix for this, which unfortunately was challenging to find. Hopefully, this guide will help bring the correct solution to the surface for some folks! 

Fix The Clipboard In Windows 10 When "Some Settings May Be Managed By Your Organization"

Despite the constant references to gpedit in many Windows 10 help blogs, I have yet to see it actually fix anything they claim it repairs. A much better route to go seems to be the registry editor. 

  1. Press Windows key + then type Regedit 
  2. Click OK, then navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System on the left-hand side.
  3. On the right-hand side, make sure you see these entries:

  4. If you don't see some of these entries, create them by right-clicking on the right-hand window, then selecting a new 32-bit D-word value. 
  5. Make sure each of the features you want has a hex value of 1 by double-clicking on each of them. If they are at 0, change them to 1
  6. Once this is completed, reboot and the Windows 10 clipboard should be working for you again. 

When All Else Fails, Reset Your Microsoft 365 Account

If this does not happen, read this guide on how to fix "managed by your organization" in Windows 10.

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